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Install :: Windows Apache2 Easy Server Setup

 Diversen (29-Aug-2012 14:11:39)

Setup WAMP

This is my first install on windows 7, so it is quite brief so far.

I used this WAMP server on windows 7

My configuration files for Apache2 are attached (just above) this document.

enable mod_rewrite as it will not work without.

You will also need to enable virtual hosts, as this is the only tested working way so far.

Fetch CosCMS

Download the latest tag

Copy files

Put the coscms/* into your virtual host so that your htdocs points to your document_root

Edit config.ini

Edit config/config.ini

Set correct database user / password / database.

You can also set an SMTP email host, and many other things. But you should be OK by setting the MySQL connection string in the top.

Create database

Create a MySQL database according to your config.ini

Run install script

Go to http://dev.localhost/install.php

This will install the complete system (all tables will be created in MySQL database, so have some patience. Then the system will prompt you for creation of an email user.

Ask in the forum if any problems.

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