CosCMS (diversen)

System dependencies

Submitted by: Dennis Iversen (14-Nov-2010 11:00:26)
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Working HTTP servers

First of all you will need a web server, PHP >= 5.3, and MySQL.

It will work with Apache2 on any *nix system. It works with Apache2 on windows, but it is not well tested. It also works with the CLI built-in Server for PHP >= 5.4, Heroko (this is just the servers tested). I guess it will also work on ISS, and Apache2 on AppleOS etc.

You will need to enable mod_rewrite on apache2 or something similar on any other server.

Package install

If you will be using the coscms-package you will need

  • php5-gd
  • php5-mysql (or php5-mysqli)
  • php5-intl,
  • php5-json (depending on php version)
  • a web server
  • a MySQL database.

You could also use php-memcahe and php5-apc, but this is just for performance improvement.

Build a install

If you plan to build your install from commandline you will also need git, as this is used for fetching all CosCMS modules.

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