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Install :: Linux / Ubuntu install

 Diversen (27-Apr-2010 17:40:03)

This says Ubuntu install (as this is the system I am currently working on), but it should work on any *nix system if you have met the dependencies.

Check the dependencies.

First clone the base system:

git clone git:// yoursite

Enter base system:

cd yoursite

Enable apache2 host

// you will need to be root
sudo ./ apache2 --en yoursite

Ready to install. You will be asked about DB configuration. Will ask you for version to install. Check out the latest version version or try master (tagged versions are tested and should work, while master will work 99% of the time work as well). After writing the config/config.ini file and install all profile's modules from git repos. At last system will prompt you for a super user.

./ prompt-install --install

Set correct perms for public files (e.g. upload folder)

// you will need to be root user as we change 
// the perms to be www-data
sudo ./ file --chmod-files

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